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Amanda Schmukal is a certified personal trainer in Tampa, Florida; Including the cities of Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Largo, Brandon, and Wesley Chapel. Amanda is also Co-owner of Total Health and Exercise, Private Personal Training Gym.  With her personal experience with weight loss, weightlifting, cardio conditioning, and her positive attitude will help push you towards reaching your fitness goals.  
As your metabolic tech, Amanda will talk you through the testing and deliver your results in an easy to read document as well as giving you guidelines and strategies to reach your goal.
Amanda can travel to you! For your convenience, Amanda can bring metabolic testing anywhere you have a chair and a treadmill!

Why take the test?

Often times we are simply guessing how many calories you should be consuming, based on your height, weight , and goal. A Resting Metabolic Test takes the guessing out of the process, and determines your caloric ranges based on activity level and goals specifically based off of your body's needs! Weight loss is difficult enough without constantly guessing, take away the questions and give your body exactly what it needs.

If you’re not seeing any weight loss or fitness results, you may be training too hard, or too light! Heart rate zones are key to burning the right kind of energy while you work out, i.e. burning fat instead of burning muscle! The Exercise/ VO2 Test will give us your specific training zones that will allow your body to shed pounds and better your performance time! Once you’ve pinpointed these key numbers and follow the training plan provided, you will start seeing results!

 Meet your tester and personal trainer!

  • The Resting Test   

The only way to find out exactly how many calories you need to eat throughout the day is by doing a Resting Metabolism Test.

During this assessment you will be resting in a comfortable position for 15 to 20 minutes. You will be breathing into a mouth piece or mask and wearing a heart rate monitor chest strap while your resting metabolism is being calculated. Your results will tell you exactly how many calories to eat, and how many calories is too low for your body.

  • Exercise / VO2 test  

The only way to know your personal fitness levels, in order to burn off the pounds and increase your performance time is to do the Exercise/ VO2 Test. This allows us to accurately determine your Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds which will guide your workouts to ensure that you are burning the maximum amount of fat calories! 

During this assessment you will be on a treadmill or your choice of cardiovascular equipment. The intensity of the exercise is gradually increased for 8-10 minutes taking you to your anaerobic threshold. You will be wearing a heart rate monitor chest strap and breathing into a mask while your optimal training zones are being pinpointed.

Test are taken on Korr Medical Technologies Inc. equipment. 

About the test...

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